GYS Neopulse 220amp Pulse MIG C XL

Product Code: WM-061842
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The NEOPULSE 220 C XL is a single-phase pulsed MIG/MAG generator with digital technology. Designed for the highest performance level using the latest technology, it features numerous synergic curves and exceptional arc quality/performance. Intuitive and highly functional, the digital interface allows for quick and easy modifications of the welding parameters. Fitted with an accurate and powerful 4 drive roll feeding system, the NEOPULSE 220 C XL offers manufacturers maximum productivity. 3 levels of interface for the user: - Easy: simplified features - Expert: full display - Advanced: full access to all parameters NB. Supplied without accessories MULTI-PROCESS WELDING MIG/MAG : - steel and stainless steel wire: Ø 0.6 to 1.0 mm - aluminium wire: Ø 0.8 to 1.2 mm - CuSi and CuAl wire: Ø 0.8 to 1.0 mm MMA DC / Pulse : basic, rutile and cellulosic Electrodes (up to Ø 5 mm). TIG DC / Pulse. SMART SYNERGIC mode: After selecting 2 criteria (material/gas combination and the wire diameter), NEOPULSE automatically works out the optimal welding conditions while still allowing you to adjust the settings (wire feed rate, voltage, current, arc length). ACCURATE - Calibration of the wire feed speed to adjust the displayed voltage measurement and refine the energy calculation. - Energie, display and energy calculation after welding based on standards EN1011-1, ISO / TR 18491 and QW-409. - Portability : load/backup user JOBS and machine configuration from a USB key. - Trace-ability : trace / record all welding steps, cord by cord, during industrial manufacturing in line with standard EN ISO 3834. OPTIMISED MIG/MAG SETTINGS - Welding processes: Manual, Standard, Pulsed, Arc Module (variation of hot / cold current) - TACK modes: SPOT and DELAY. - Trigger options supported: 2T and 4T. - Precise control over the welding cycle : CreepSpeed, Softstart, Hotstart, Upslope, Downslope, Crater Fill, Postgas, etc. MAXIMUM PRODUCTIVITY - 4 microprocessors giving four times the processing power. - High productivity thanks to high duty cycle (150 A @ 60%). - Compatible wire reels: Ø 200 / 300 mm. - Powerful 4 roller wire-feeder for efficient wire feeding. - Very high arc voltage for easier ignition and exceptional arc dynamic. INTUITIVE - New user friendly interface focused on welders’ navigation habits. - Update of the machine and synergies using a USB key. - Storage of 500 welding programs (can be saved on USB stick). - Displays current/voltage during and after welding (WPS/PQR). - Choice of the main parameter to display on the screen (wire speed, average welding current, etc.). - Internal lighting of the wire feed motor and wire reel. - Viewing window on wire door to check the state of wire. - Intelligent ventilation management to reduce power consumption, dust intake and noise. - Compatible torch Push Pull (24 V). ROBUST AND MOBILE - Reinforced metal case & non slip rubber pads. - IP23S case. - 2 handles for easier mobility.

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