Hardfacing increases the lifespan of your products by up to 800%

For severe abrasion, the Tungsten Carbide Embedding hardfacing process offers the ultimate in wear and abrasion protection and is extremely impact resistant.

Tungsten Carbide particles are delivered to a molten weld pool at precisely the right moment prior to the puddle freezing.  The result is a 60Rc tool steel matrix weld deposit filled with Tungsten Carbide grit.

Used in a number of industrial applications Tungsten Carbide is characterized by its high strength, toughness, and hardness.

We offer the following services:
- Wearplate profiles and forming
- Tungsten Carbide overlay
- Chromium Carbide overlay

For several years, Duroweld has applied its tungsten carbide hard-facing overlay to our crusher rotors, easily doubling their usable life. - Wayne Clarke, Graymont

Interested finding out more

Duroweld NZ Ltd are continually developing new hardfacing techniques to conquer the causes of wear, abrasion, impact, erosion, friction, heat and cavitation. Whether you are extending the life of new parts, or rebuilding components already in use – we can help.

Our role as New Zealand’s wear resistant welding experts is to improve productivity, reduce down time and diminish the cost of replacement parts by extending their service life. In order to assure success time after time, we consistently focus our time and energy on providing welding products that are of the highest quality and offer welding competency that is second to none.

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