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INVERMATRIX 251 Double Pulse Mig


The INVERMATRIX 251 is a Single-Phase Double Pulse Mig. This heavy-duty machine has unprecedented duty cycles.

Featuring top inverter technology and solid  construction they are built to last, It offers Standard Mig, Single & Double Pulse Mig as well as Lift Arc Tig, Pulse Tig and Stick Mode.

Its full Synergic control makes it a breeze to set up for any material, Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Silicon Bronze, Aluminium Bronze, you can choose to program your set up with Amps, Wire Feed Speed or Material thickness. The internal memory holds 250 Programs allowing
you to save your favourite parameters for future use.

• IGBT Inverter
• Digital Displays
• Inductance Control
• Step-less Amp/Voltage Adjustment
• Thermal Overload Protection
• Fan Cooled
• Single Phase
• Generator Safe
• 2/4 Step, S2/S4 Step With Hot Start
• Fully Synergic Control
• 250 Memory Slots

Technical Data: 
Input Power (V):  240
Rated Input Current 1eff’ (A): 28
Rated Input Capacity (KVA): 12
Open Circuit Voltage: 79
Welding Current Range (A): 20-250
Duty Cycle (A): 60%@ 250
Weight (KG): 48
Wire Size (mm): 0.6-1.2
Electrode Size (mm): 1.6-5

Download Data Sheet
3 Year Commercial