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Intecut S 2.0 - CNC Cutting Table

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The Intecut S - strong mechanical alloy structure to ensure cutting speed and cutting precision. With a dual drive motor and automatic torch height controller, CNC  has never been so functional. A professional controller for plasma and oxy-fuei cutting. 

All in one console - controller and electric cabinet, the angle of the control display has been ergonomically designed with a slim body to save space.

1500mm x 3000mm Cut Size, Includes Automatic THC and Water Bed.


- 7" Colour Display
- Extremely fast installation
- Automatic torch height controller
- Compatible to AUTOCAD, TEKLA.SOLIOWORKS and nesting softwares, FastCAM, Libellula.
- USB port for Inputting and outputting programs.
- Languages: English. Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, French. Danish, Korean, Chinese.
- 44 shapes in controller library.
- Y rail can be extendable 
- Flame and Plasma cutting.


Power supply: 1PH, 220V, 50HZ Customised voltage is available
Input capacity(w): 180W
Controller: 7" LCD Colourful
Cutting width: 1500mm Customised width is available
Cutting length: 3000mm Customised length is available
Cutting model: Flame or Plasma
Max positioning speed: 12000mm/min
Recommended positioning speed: 5000-8000mm/min 
Flame cutting thickness: 80mm
Flame cutting speed: 100-750mm/min
Oxygen pressure: <1.5Mpa
Fuel gas: LPG, Propane, Acetylene
Plasma: GYS and Hypertherm Plasma THC machines

Table Options
Option 1: Dry style
Option 2: Water pool to remove dust
Option 3: Table with exhaust system