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GYS Pro220E 220amp MMA

SKU WM-014657

Dedicated for professionals with hugh standards, the PROGYS 220E FV CEL offers a wide choice of cellulosic, rutile and basic electrodes.. It is also equipped with the TIG lift (DC) welding process, which provides the most beautifully finished welds on thin sheets from 1 to 5 mm. Powerful and robust, the PROGYS 220E FV CEL
pushes the limits of welding.

The settings can be accessed directly using the knob:
- current (MMA, TIG) Primary setting
- Arcforce (MMA)
- Hot start (MMA) Secondary setting

MMA & MMA Pulse Function

Versatile thanks to its Standard and Pulse operating modes:
- MMA : basic electrodes, rutiles and cellulosic (up to Ø 5 mm).
- MMA Pulse : ideal for vertical-up welding.

MMA welding supports :
- Anti-sticking
- Adjustable Hot Start
- Arc Force Adjustable

TIG Lift & TIG Lift Pulse function

- TIG Lift : DC refractory electrodes.
- TIG Lift Pulse :
limits the melting temperature and allows the welding of 0.3 mm thick.
- TIG welding supports :
- TIG Lift priming
- Automatic arc fading


- V/I display during and after welding (calculation of welding energy).
- Memorization of 10 programs per process.
- Remote control (optional).
- High productivity thanks to its high duty cycle (160A @ 60%).


- VRD (Voltage Reduction Device) can be activated to lower the no-load output voltage < 35V.
- Keyboard lockable to prevent operating errors.


- IP23 class for outdoor use (construction sites).
- Reinforced structure & non slip rubber pads.
- Easily transportable.
- Ventilation tunnel against chip pollution.


Flexible Voltage Hose (85 to 265V), accepts very long network connections (100 m).
PFC technology, the electrical network is better exploited and allows an energy saving of 30%.


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