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GYS Plasma Cutter 70amp three phase

SKU WM-013841

The CUTTER 70 CT is a 70 A plasma cutter with a cutting capacity of 35 mm thick on a multitude of materials. The HF-free arcing system preserves and increases the lifetime of consumables. Designed to be used in difficult environments, it has very robust mechanics and a user friendly control panel. It is prewired for use on automatic cutting tables.


- Faster cutting speed using oxygas.
- Cuts all types of steel (mild, stainless, tempered, HLE), aluminium, copper, etc.
- Optimised cooling using the ventilation corridor that helps isolate the electronic components from the dust.
- Replacement of consumables is fast & easy for maximum productivity.
- Duty cycle 70 A at 60 % (40°C).


- Premium torch TECMO® (leading supplier in Europe).
- Premium cutting quality : the torch is air cooled offering a great arc stability for all types of work.
- Consumables compatible with Hypertherm®.
- Designed to be shock and heat resistant.
- Quick connect/disconnection of the torch, no tools required for transport or maintenance.
- Easy to use trigger mechanism for added comfort.


User friendly interface :
- 3 working modes : Cutting / Mesh / locked
- manual setting of the air pressure (4.1 < 6.5 bars) using front LED Indicator.
- HF-free ignition to prevent disturbances that could interfere with nearby electronic equipment.
- Compatible with CNC kit for automatic cutting tables.


- Reinforced metal case & non slip rubber pads.
- IP 23 protection rated.
- Compact and Portable.


Capacity Thickness
Separation 35mm
Clean cut 25mm
Piercing 15mm
Capacity Removal rate
De-gouging 4.8kg/h