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GYS Plasma Cutter 125A Comes with MT-125 Torch

SKU WM-029910

Powerful and efficient, the CUTTER 125A is a plasma cutter for professionals who wish to quickly cut metal up to a 57mm in thickness and other materials. The high duty cycle, its high cutting performance and its latest generation torch help to make the CUTTER 125A a top of the range tool for cutting and gouging in the industrial environment.


- Faster cutting speed with oxygas.
- Cuts all types of steel (mild, stainless, tempered, HLE), aluminum, copper, etc.
- Optimised cooling thanks to the air-tight ventilation corridor that helps insulating the electronic components from the dust.
- Consumable setup is easy for maximum efficiency.
- CNC kit available for automatic cutting tables.


- Superior cutting quality, new air cooled torch offering a great arc stability for all paces.
- Large choice of consumables adapted for all metal thicknesses.
- Ergonomic torch for better comfort during long cutting sessions.
- Engineered to withstand impacts and heat.


- Intuitive TFT 3,5” screen for better legibility.
- 4 modes: Full metal sheet / mesh metal sheet / gouging / locking
- Automatic air pressure management for simpler settings and longer consumables lifetime.
- Automatic detection of the connected torch (manual or auto).
- No HF strike to prevent perturbations that could damage nearby electronic equipment.


- Slip pads (Hardness : 60 Shore A) to resist impacts.
- IP 23 for outside use.


Capacity Thickness
Separation 57mm
Clean cut 40mm
Piercing 25mm
Capacity Withdrawal rate
De-gouging 12kg/h