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GYS Multipearl 4XL 200amp MIG

SKU WM-031791

The MULTIPEARL 200-4 XL is a single phase multi-process welder. It is capable of MIG/MAG, Gas & No Gas, MMA and TIG welding. It has an advanced user interface with the option of fully synergic or manual mode.

3 in 1

This machine combines 3 welding processes from its advanced inverter technology and features a LCD display.

- 4 roll wire feed mechanism.
- MULTIPEARL 200-4 XL takes both 10kg & 15kg wire reels.
- This process can be used in manual or synergic mode.

- The device is capable of TIG Lift DC welding.
- Post Gas and Downslope are adjustable direclty on the torch due to the EURO connector.

- Capable of welding rutile, steel, stainless and cast iron
up to Ø 5mm.
- Hot Start and Arc Force are adjustable from 0 to 100%.


• Wire speed and voltage are automatically adjusted by the machine by selecting:
- Wire type and diameter ;
- Thickness of the metal to weld ;
- Gas used ;
- Welding position.
• It is possible to manually adjust the wire speed and arc length if desired.


- LCD screen designed to view and easily adjust welding settings.
- Power Factor Correction enables a saving of 30% of energy by using the electricity network more efficiently.
- Flexible Voltage enables the machine to run on a power supply from 85V to 265V.
- Combining these two technologies makes the device suitable suitable to use with extension leads up to 100m and on both 110V & 240V electrical supplies.
- Tested in the factory against overvoltage up to 400V. Also the device is designed to be able to be used on a generator.


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