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Genesis Energy - Huntly Powerstation

Overlaying of roller mill wear parts.

To whom it may concern,

Duroweld have over a number of years supplied there services to overlay some of our high wear parts for our pulverised fuel mills.

We had been experiencing high wear on our rollers and table. We had spare parts to change out but this took considerable effort and time. We asked Duroweld to perform a test on one of the mills to ascertain just how good the results would be.

The results of the test were extremely good. They reduced down time of the mill and gave us considerably longer service intervals. We found that if we overlaid the parts before they got into a “poor” state of repair they also reduced the amount of material we had to apply for optimum protection from wear.

The results were in fact so good Duroweld did them-selves out of work. So it was a win/win for us at the work face.

They are an extremely professional company to deal with and practically they fitted into some pretty tight time frames and found them always professional to work with.


J Clapp Huntly Power Station. 

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